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Get outside - yoga by the sea

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Summertime brings with it longer days and sometimes hopefully warmer weather, the perfect time to be able to get outside for our yoga practise. Whether that is for a spot of morning meditation by the sea or a full flow on or by the beach, the benefits of being outside reverberate throughout the rest of your day.

Meditation by the sea

The number one benefit of getting outside is boosting our daily dose of vitamin D, many of us are deficient in vitamin D which is essential for strong bones. The simplest way to improve this is 10-15 minutes outside in the sunshine so why not incorporate a little sunshine with your yoga practise and kill two birds with one stone.

The second benefit of taking your yoga practise outside is grounding or earthing, we often hear our yoga teachers encouraging us to ground into the mat but what better way to connect to the earth than to ground our practise with the actual sand or grass beneath our feet. This feeling of grounding links to our Mooladhara or root chakra and when this is in balance we feel a sense of calm, patience and a willingness to slow down and stay in the moment.

Yoga by the Sea on Whitby Beach

As you move outside all your senses become alert, the fresh air heightens the awareness of the breath. Looking at beautiful scenery which we have in abundance along the Yorkshire Coast, releases endorphins so you feel good whilst having an increased awareness of your body as it moves through your flow. Added to all this is the bonus of moving beyond your comfort zone to practise outside, the increased challenge of practising on uneven ground helps to improve focus. Your confidence will grow as you push past any initial awkwardness or self consciousness that comes from putting yourself and your practise outside for all to see. After all yoga is all about you and your journey. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, just enjoy!


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