Yoga & Wild Swimming
Cayton Bay £50

Upcoming Dates:

Join us for a relaxing morning of yoga and sea swimming, we'll begin with a one hour yoga flow to prepare you for getting in the North Sea.


After yoga we'll have a talk on sea safety, discussing tides, currents, waves, cold water shock and how to choose the best times to swim in the sea. We'll then take a dip in the ocean enjoying the beautiful surroundings  of Cayton Bay. 

This session is limited to just 6 participants, Please bring a yoga mat (or towel) along with your preferred outfit for swimming whether it be swimming costume or wetsuit. If it's your first time swimming in the sea then I recommend you wear a wetsuit. The sea temperature will be around 14C. A flask with hot drink in is also a good idea for warming up afterwards!

As well as being a yoga teacher, your host Helen is a level 2 Open Water swim coach, a trainer assessor for Surf Lifesaving Great Britain and also has over 25 years experience as a beach lifeguard along the North East & North Yorkshire coastline,


Saltwater Soul Cayton Bay 
Surf Yoga Day  £80

Upcoming Dates:

Come and feel the benefits of yoga for your surfing or paddle boarding with our Saltwater Soul Yoga Activity Day which we are excited to be holding in collaboration with Scarborough Surf School


We'll begin the day with a brief discussion of the benefits of yoga for surfing, followed by a 1 hr yoga class.  


After a break for lunch (bring your best pack up to fuel your day!) Scarborough Surf School will get you kitted up ready to join them for a 2 hr surf or stand up paddle board lesson depending on conditions.


Bring your own yoga mat, surf/paddle boards & wetsuits are included. This fab day is limited to 12 participants so book early to avoid disappointment. To reserve your spot call 01723 585585

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Wellbeing Days

In these hectic times more and more companies are recognising the vital need to provide for their employees' wellbeing. We can help with our wellbeing days that can be tailored to your needs, building around the themes of taking notice and connecting with nature, we open the day with a short meditation to connect with our senses and always include a yoga by the sea class, we can also add your choice of an introduction to wild swimming, beach clean up session or a mindful walk on the beach. Please get in touch for more information to see how we can help you.


Planet Patrol
Yoga Litter Picks
South Bay Scarborough

Upcoming Dates:
28/08/2022 12:00
18/09/2022 15:00

Planet Patrol is a leading environmental non-profit re-defining what can be achieved through collective action and digital technology. 

Happy Seal Yoga is proud to partner with Planet Patrol to run free outdoor yoga litter picks to help protect our waterways. No experience is needed to participate - just sign up on the Planet Patrol website and download the free Planet Patrol app so you can record your findings.

The Planet Patrol app brings together like minded people who are passionate about protecting our planet to gather data on issues anytime and anywhere all over the world, helping to build powerful evidence that would otherwise be impossible to capture. This allows Planet Patrol to challenge, inform, and help solve major environmental issues using hard facts – not guesswork.

There’s lots of other ways you can join Planet Patrol to take action. Find out more on Planet Patrol’s website and by following @onplanetpatrol on social media.