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Yoga by the Sea - top tips for the best experience

Yoga by the sea is a wonderful way to practise yoga and has so many benefits, to make the most of those benefits you want to be as comfortable and at ease in your surroundings as possible so here are our top tips to make the most of our yoga by the sea classes:

1. Wear comfortable breathable layers, the cooler it is the more layers you need - you can always take some off if you get too warm. As well as being breathable they also need to give the freedom to be able to move. In the winter wear thermals under your leggings, the warmer you can be the more you will enjoy the flow.

2. If it's a hot sunny day don't forget your sunscreen but don't apply it on your forehead (wear a visor or cap instead) as if you sweat the sunscreen will run down into your eyes making it difficult to see.

3. Wear sunglasses if you are coming to early morning classes. On the North Yorkshire coast the sun will be rising over the sea as we practise our morning flows, while it looks lovely it can be quite bright for your eyes, so sunglasses will prevent you having to squint to protect your eyes.

Trikonasana or triangle yoga pose on the beach at Sandsend

4. A picnic blanket or towel to put under your yoga mat will give you an extra layer of cushioning. It will also protect your yoga mat from getting too sandy if we're on the beach or too damp if the ground is a little wet.

5. Bring a blanket, towel or DryRobe for Savasana - then you can be all snuggly and warm while you enjoy the sound of the sea for your relaxation at the end of class.

6. Bring water, especially in the summer if it's warm you don't want to get de-hydrated. In the winter bring a flask of tea or coffee for after class and stay awhile to enjoy your surroundings with a post yoga warm up cuppa.

7. If it’s cold enough for thermals then make sure you double tuck to prevent a drafty midriff situation!

8. When you get home from yoga by the sea hang your mat, picnic rug or towel over the washing line to fully dry before you sweep any remaining sand off with a hand brush. If you don't have an outdoor space at home and have a little time after class you can hang your mat over the sea wall railings to get the drying process started.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other top tips for yoga by the sea and hope to see you on the mat soon!


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