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Yoga and Litter Picking - we're teaming up with Planet patrol!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Planet Patrol logo

I'm excited to announce that I've been accepted as a partner with Planet Patrol, especially as looking after our environment is something I'm passionate about. This partnership will involve organising clean ups in our community as part of a global network. Once a month over the summer there will be a free 30 minute yoga by the sea session followed by a 20 minute clean up in the local area.

If you've been wondering whether yoga by the sea is for you this will be a great way to try a session and give a little back to the local community at the same time.

Yoga by the sea class in sunny Scarborough with the Grand hotel and Scarborough Castle in the background.

You'll be able to book onto the yoga by the sea clean ups through Planet Patrol's website, where you'll pay a refundable deposit of £10 to secure your place. You then simply come along, take part in a free yoga session and then get involved with picking up litter. Litter pickers, reusable bags/buckets and gloves to collect the rubbish will be provided. At the end of the litter pick we sort and log all the litter we find on the Planet Patrol app, this records what we find, where we found it and any brands that are visible on the litter. By doing this we add to a global evidence base that can be used to campaign at an industry and government level.

Planet patrol see it snap it map it

Planet Patrol was set up in 2015 by adventurer and environmentalist, Lizzie Carr who paddle boarded 400 miles (the length of England), raising awareness of the damaging impact of litter on our waterways, recording everything she found in a global map. Planet Patrol now has more than 150 official reps worldwide and with help from volunteers has removed 310,000+ pieces of litter from nature.

Planet Patrol’s target is to pick up and record one million pieces of litter and all our clean ups will count towards this target. Clean ups will be once a month starting in May, with the May & June dates being released later this month. I am looking forward to getting this initiative going and hope you'll join me in making this small contribution to help our natural world.


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