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Online Yoga - a year of virtual connection and occasional mishaps

A year ago teaching yoga online was something I had never considered doing and if you had asked me what Zoom was I would probably have answered that it was either a lolly you could get at the ice cream van back in the eighties or the song by Fat Larry's Band. When Covid hit, all in person yoga classes had to be cancelled, I had to learn very fast what on earth this new Zoom actually was and also find a teaching space in my house. In one day I dismantled the spare room bed and consigned it to the loft where it still languishes to this day.

While online yoga will never be quite the same as in person yoga, I'm incredibly grateful that it has allowed us to keep connected and given me a much needed routine throughout the various lockdowns. Plus more often than not something will happen, usually of my own doing that brings much needed amusement to the day. Here's a look back at some of the mishaps that have happened throughout the year.

Playing the wrong music

It took a long time for me to work out how to share music over Zoom but then I discovered the advanced share button and was able to play soothing yoga soundtracks to add to the atmosphere of class. However during one class the music cut out early, so I rushed over to get it going again, only to press play on the country song '7 summers' by Morgan Wallen by accident. Not quite what I had in mind for early morning yoga! We soon got underway once more with the right music.

Forgetting to change the camera

I use both the webcam on my computer for saying hello when everyone is joining class and my phone as a wide angle camera for when we are actually flowing but remembering to switch to the wide angle camera has definitely been my most frequent mishap (despite having a reminder on a post-it stuck to my computer screen!). Luckily I tend to notice pretty quickly and after a quick jump up things get back to normal!

Kicking a picture off the wall

This one happened quite early on, if you join me for online yoga these days you'll see the offending picture has switched places for safety reasons!

Losing my AirPod

I use an AirPod for my microphone which works really well until I get warm and decide to take a layer off, this mishap is my most recent one. As I took my sweatshirt off the other evening, the AirPod dislodged and got caught on the inside of the jumper. Cue several seconds, which felt much longer, of me frantically trying to find the thing, whilst everyone kept going with their cat/cow flow! Luckily it eventually dropped onto the mat and I was able to resume and carry on as normal.

The Gatecrashers

As well as my mishaps looking into your homes often brings the odd gatecrasher. Dogs in particular seem to enjoy joining in with yoga, especially if there's a downward dog to wander under! There have also been a few cats and then there's the time children were bouncing on the bed in the background. I've even seen someone's other half getting changed for a shower not noticing I could see into the room (luckily he realised before he fully stripped off!).

I'm sure there have been many more mishaps (repeatedly getting my words mixed up for one!) but these are the ones that stick in my mind. As much as the odd blip happens, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to continue to share my love of yoga with you virtually. Thank you to all of you who have joined me for a class online this year.

I'd also like to say a special thank you to my two brothers, my sister-in-law, niece and my mam who have been joining me for family online yoga every weekend for the last year. In the beginning they helped me work out the best way to set up the technology and along the way they have been excellent guinea pigs whenever I've wanted to try out something new. Ultimately it's just been a really nice way for us all to stay connected.

Whilst I look forward to the day we can get back to yoga by the sea, for now we continue with online yoga, I wonder what mishap will happen next?


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