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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In the last couple of weeks life has changed dramatically for us all as we move into unchartered territory and do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy and reduce the burden on the NHS. 2019 was all about when will Brexit end? Oh how blissfully unaware we all were back then, now it's when will social distancing end and the truth is no one really knows but we must keep doing it until it's safe not to.

So what was once our normal routine, going to work, an early morning swim, an evening yoga class, these are all things that we have to put into the past for now. We need to come to terms with a new normal and create new routines around that new normal. It is still so important to get physical and mental exercise, we just need to find other ways to do this. So with this in mind, here at Happy Seal Yoga we want to do our bit to keep your mind and body active by introducing online yoga classes. I'm sure we will have the odd technological glitch but we will do our best to provide a regular schedule of online classes so that you can take time out and give the body and soul a well deserved hour break from the new stresses in life whether that be home schooling the kids, running the gauntlet of the weekly shop or all the amazing work that our key workers are doing on the frontline to keep us all safe and healthy.

Doing yoga at home means we need a safe space in which to practise, here's a short video with a few tips to help with your safe space and ideas for yoga props to help your practice.

If you are interested in joining our online yoga classes you can find out more about our current schedule on our yoga classes page or if you are ready to book click here.

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